To shippers:  

We have all the different kind of carriers as per your need. We provide 24/7 office, load tracking etc. What makes us different from other freight brokers is that we work for you as individual/as part of your team. We charge just a small fee after that no any extra cost.  

For example;  

Any other broker:   You give them a load. You have your tender agreement 1000$ for that load. That broker gets your load covered in 600$ but still charge you 1000$ 

In our case:  Our fee is 13% of the load. So, the Tender you give us for 1000$ but we find a carrier who is covering that load for just 600$. The amount you will have to pay is just 678$ instead of 1000$. Our fee is going to be just 78$ for all load tracking, making sure your freight reaches to its destination safe and secure.   


We provide you the signed rate confirmation from carrier which tells you at what rate the load was booked. 


Stockton, CA. 95203

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